​Glencore can accept a wide variety of complex recyclable materials. If your material is not listed below, please do not hesitate to contact us. Providing us with information on the material's process of generation, physical characteristics and chemical composition will aid us in determining the best recycling solution for your material.

Examples of recyclable materials:

Secondary copper and precious metal bearing materials:

  • Residues/muds/sludges/scales
  • Filter paper/filter press cake
  • Spills/skimmings/slags/drosses/foundry sands
  • Turnings/borings/punchings/choppings
  • Ashes/powders/grindings/router dust
  • Catalyst
  • Copper clad steel
  • Autoshredder fines
  • No.2 copper ("Maple Spec")
  • Refinery by-products

Electronic materials:

  • Circuit boards (low grade and high grade)
  • Cell phones
  • Pins/punchings/ICs/components
  • Lead frames/trims/bare boards
  • Sweeps
  • Insulated consumer wire/degaussing wire
  • Copper yokes

All new materials are subject to an evaluation process which includes environmental, hygiene, material handling and economic considerations. This approval procedure is essential to determine the most sustainable recycling solution for your material.

Once a material has been approved for recycling, we provide our clients with clear and comprehensive contractual terms and conditions for processing the material. These terms are tailored to fit individual circumstances and requirements and include competitive payment structure for copper and precious metals. Recyclable materials are received and processed at one of our five secure recycling facilities, each with their own unique capabilities.